Sup Ch HOLMEDOWN COBWEB f.1993 (MacGregor of Achnacarry x Cassonary of Woodhaven)


Cobweb has produced 12 foals for me here at Holmedown - everyone that has been shown has been a champion !  She did well as a youngster and I sold her to a stud in Cumbria at the end of her third year. When they decided to sell the highlands as were concentrating on appalosas she was offered back to me.  We tried to get her going under saddle, but like her mother Cassy, she had her own thoughts about that so resumed her role as a brood mare, which she does very well. I have showed her with foal at foot and she has always come home in the ribbons with her foals picking up foal championships.

It is always an exciting time when she foals - as you cannot get within 100 yards of her for the first month - if you go into one field she will gallop off with foal into the next one so there is always a lot of time spent sitting in the field trying to see whether it is a colt or filly.  Once it is a month old no problem you can have it as far as she is concerned.

Cobweb is in foal to Holmedown Logan for 2014.

Sup Ch HOLMEDOWN CHICAGO f.2004 (Johnsondene x Holmedown Cobweb)


Chicago (aka Hilda) has been a major winner since she was born.  She was a champion many times as a foal including at NPS Malvern Champs and The Royal.  


She gained her first Supreme Championship as a yearling, and has continued to pick up supremes in-hand every year, and more recently as a ridden pony winning many NPS Silver Medals and qualifying  and being placed in all NPS Ridden Championships every year and also qualifying for RIHS & HOYS in her first season under saddle in 2010 where she was 11th;  again qualifying for HOYS in 2011 and taking 2nd and in 2012 9th at HOYS and she qualified for Olympia and to our joy she was 9th and Best of Breed.


Chicago is tested in foal to Holmedown Logan and we look forward to a foal in 2014

MARNONWELLS RUADH f.2004 (Highfield Glen Affric x Marnonwells Sanda)


Ruadh (aka Red) came to me from Scotland as a 3 year old.  She is a super mother and has produced 3 colts and one filly - we have kept the filly - H.Roseville (see youngstock page) . 

Her other offspring have done very well - H.Rochester won at his first show, and H.Red Sox went supreme as a yearling for his owners Lanwarnick Vean Stud  He also won 4 NPS Silver Medals as a 3 yr old gelding in 2013 

Red is in foal to H.Logan for 2014  and is FOR SALE - see sales page


(Johnsondene x Cassonary of Woodhaven)


Christabellal came home in February 2014 after having been sold as a yearling.  I did see her at NPS Champs briefly about 8 years ago which she was more dark dapple grey. 

We are going to have fun hacking and doing a few veteran classes with her and hopefully see if we can get her in foal this year.

At her first show with us she won the M&M in hand and the Veteran ridden classes.

She is a great to hack out.

HOLMEDOWN KONA f.2006 (Burnside Ben Nevis x Drumpark Kara)

Kona arrived back at Holmedown in 2013 from Scotland where she had been shown successfully and also produced a couple of good foals.  She was in foal to Erray Rush and had a super dark grey dun filly which we named H.Honolulu who was bought by Carry Quick who has H.Niagara Falls which is Kona's half sister.

We showed Kona a couple of times very successfully and she is now in foal to H.Logan due May 2014.

Ch HOLMEDOWN ARIZONA f.2007 (Glenmuir Buzzard x Holmedown Cascade)


Known as Rhea - she has always been a real character.  Didn't particularly care about her mother from when she was a month old - and the feeling was mutual. She could often be found nosing around the quad bike if I had left it unattending in the field, picking up bags of nails, mobile phones, hammers or basically anything that was in reach to play with.

Rhea was sucessfully shown as a foal and a yearling, and at 2 years old she was Champion at Royal Cornwall.  She was backed at the end of her 4th year in December 2011 and was the quietest, easiest pony to hack out - not bothered about anything - very much like her mother KD.

She is currently being hacked out and will be shown by us this year and hopefully put in foal.


BIRCHCROFT OLIVE f.2004 (Emperor of Whitefield x Birchroft Isla)


Olive made the long journey down from Orkney in 2008.  She had just been backed and I quietly hacked her out on the Devon lanes.  She went to Glenmuir Buzzard and produced a mouse dun filly in 2011 - H.Ohio who did very well at her two shows in 2012 and has been retained.

She produced another filly to Buzzard in 2012 - H.Ocean Spring - a memorable day as we were just of to Devon County at 4.30 am when we saw her standing at the bottom of the hill by the woods - she had foaled and the foal was in the ditch.  Removed it and brought mother and foal up to the yard and in a stable - hayed and watered and went off to the show ! (which was successfull with Hilda being Ch in-hand and Ridden). She had a cracking yellow dun colt to H.Logan in 2014 who is growing into a very impressive chap with his new owner.


Olive is in foal to Holmedown Logan 2014 and has been sold to Vanessa Bayley

Sup Ch HOLMEDOWN CLEARWATER f.2009 (Glenmuir Buzzard x Holmedown Cobweb)

Bella - as she is known is on the smaller side, but she is growing ... just slowly !

She has done very well and held her own in both highland and mixed M&M classes winning many championships and a few supremes along the way. She is also an NPS Silver Medal winner and was 3rd in the final at Malven as a 2 year old.

ON LOAN TO TALISKER STUD, CAMBS as she nagged me so much for a Cobweb foal.

Ch HOLMEDOWN KANSAS f.2004 (Johnsondene x Drumpark Kara)

Kansas was shown as a yearling and always came home with rosettes.  She had a filly foal when she was 3 (just dont ask) H.Niagara Falls who has done very well in hand qualifying for the NPS British Isles Supreme in-hand as a 3 yr old. She went of to Karen to be backed and ridden on as a 4 year old and has done really well both in-hand and under saddle, being an NPS Silver Medal winner and qualifying and being placed in all the NPS Ridden finals. Kansas came back home early in 2012 and after being hacked out and shown lightly was put in foal. She has recently been sold to a lovely hacking home on Dartmoor and will  be off when her foal is weaned.
Kansas had a super filly by Glenmuir Buzzard - H.Nabraska who is being retained.


Sup Ch HOLMEDOWN CASCADE f.1999 (Johnsondene x Cassonary of Woodhaven)


Casade (aka KD) was the last foal from Cassy my foundation mare. She was a big winner from a foal onwards and I had substantial offers for her purchase as a 2/3 year old which were turned down as she was rather special.  She won many championships as a youngster. KD was Overall Res Supreme at NPS Malvern in 2009 and Overall Res Brood Mare in 2009   She was backed at 4 years and was a big winner under saddle taking many championships and always qualifying for NPS; she also won Olympia Classes.  At 7 she was put in foal to Glenmuir Buzzard and produced H.Arizona who has done well.  She then went back under saddle for a season doing well, and then produced H.Austin (who was unbeaten as a foal and took many foal champs incl The Royal) H.Ashmont and H.Atlanta. After being covered in 2012 she went on loan to a friend who needed a quiet hack (although she hadn't been ridden for 4 years it made no difference).  She also took part in agility as well (see photos page). 

KD is had a colt (H.Albequerque) by Glenmuir Buzzard and is now in foal to H.Logan due May 2014.


GLENEDIN DAWN F.2002 (Moss-side Dorlach x Fiona of Litigan)


Having been trying to buy a foal from my old mare Fiona of Litigan (who I had to sell in the 90s) I at last managed to aquire Dawn in 2010 from the Isle of Skye - so did the long journey her mother had done some years previous.

When she came off the lorry it took me back so many years as her head is identical to Fiona's.

She settled in well and has had two foals for me, unfortunately both colts ! H.Denver who went to join two of his half brothers at Lanwarnick Vean, and H.Detroit who is shortly off to his new home in Dorset.


Dawn has not been covered for 2013 and has now gone on loan to Felicity Back to be covered by Felicity's young colt Holmedown Ashmont.

HOLMEDOWN JOLIET f.2005 (Johnsondene x Senga of Currarie)

Joliet for some reason is on the small side - about 13-13.1hh. 

She is a really friendly pony and you can do anything with her and she doesn't mind whether she is in the field with others or by herself.

She has produced 3 foals - 1 colt and 2 fillies.  Her first foal she rejected for reasons best known to herself so we hand reard the colt - H.Troy Jnr.  He was a super pony and caused many worries over the first few days of his life being bottle fed with the would he / wouldn't he survive.  We needn't have worried he grew really well, adopted H.Arizona - who was then 2 as his mother and was fine, it took time to get him onto a bucket (about 2 months!) but it did make my life much easier.

He was sold to a super home where he has grown on really well.

Joliet  had a filly and the pair have now been sold to Susan Warne

Ch HOLMEDOWN MAYDEW f.1990 (MacGregor of Achnacarry x Maymorn of Tower)

I frequently stayed at the Tower Stud in Scotland in the late 1980s and always admired Maymorn but she wasn't for sale.  I then received a call one day from Jimmie Hendrie, the owner to say that I could have her and she was put to MacGregor and Maydew was the outcome.  I originally sold her as a yearling fairly locally, and she was then sold to the Monreith Stud in Scotland  (where we had sold MacGregor to some years earlier).  When they dispersed she was offered back but I did not have the funds.  She then went to the Archen stud and I tried to buy her back a few years later but he wanted all his mares to go together. I eventually managed to get her back in 2007 at the grand age of 17.  She has had 3 foals with me since then by Buzzard - H.Missouri H.Massachusetts and in 2012 a filly H.Miami - who has been sold to Scotland. 

Sadly we had Maymorn PTS earlier this year.

EVITA OF WHITEFIELD f.1996 (Garry x Zola of Whitefield)


Evita was offered to me as she had been in several homes and could not settle as she dislikes living in (we are were her xx home). She arrived at Holmedown in 2007 and she has been a joy to own.  She lives out but will happily come in for a night before the farrier comes.  She is friendly and loves a cuddle in the field and will just stand there with her head on your feet to have her ears stroked.  She has produced some nice foals for me - her last year's filly was sold to Ireland.


Evita has been sold back to her previous owner