15th September 2009

My new mare has arrived !! only waited 14 years for one of Fiona of Litigan's daughters to come up for sale and I am now the absolutely thrilled owner of Glenedin Dawn. I collected her just before 11pm last night from Gordon Hamilton who I met at Exeter Services and she came off his lorry and onto mine without a worry in the world for the last leg of her journey - which started on Saturday morning at the top of the Isle of Skye !! Popped her in a stable last night and turned her out with my mares early this morning. She is absolutely gorgeous and the spitting image of her mother who I owned and showed for many years in the 1980's and early 90's before selling her up to Skye.

10th September 2009

Well Alan has settled down with no problems and now out in the field happily grazing with Jnr. He now knows what hard feed is and how to eat it .. shown by Jnr!

6th September 2009

Weaned H.Austin (aka Alan) today - wasn't too bad but he had H.Troy Jnr the orphan foal for company who looked at him across the american barn stabling as if to say - what's all the noise about ?

21st August 2009

Well H.Chicago had a very good day at Dunster Show winning the M&M Large Ridden and taking the Championship and Silver Medal - second time in 8 days! She also came second in the M&M Large Breeds in-hand.

13th August 2009

Okehampton Agricultural Show - H.Arizona won the youngstock M&M class and in the 4yrs+ H.Chicago was 2nd and went Res M&M Champion. H.Cascade was 3rd and her foal H.Austin got the best foal rosette. The NPS Templeton Open Ridden came next and H.Chicago won the large breeds section and went Ridden Champion, also qualifying for the NPS Silver Medal Championship.

8th August 2009

We went to the NPS Champs at Malvern and had a very good couple of days. H.Chicago ridden by Molly Simpson was 2nd in the Peasedown Intermediate Ridden Final which was brilliant.

H.Cascade won the highland broodmare class, and then went Res Supreme Broodmare. H.Austin won his foal class as well (so unbeaten as a foal this year!). H.Arizona was 5th in a very good class of 2 and 3 year olds.

24th July 2009

Well we have certainly had enough of the rain !! H.Chicago did really well at RIHS in atrocious weather to come 9th in the Fell/Dale/Highland/Welsh Sec D BSPS Heritage final.

10th July 2009

Had a good day at the Royal caught up with a load of friends and had an enjoyable showing day. H.Austin won a good foal class and gained the Ch rosette.

9th July 2009

The last foal of the year (at last !) Blar Bheag Cranulath foaled - a tiny, tiny colt !! really sweet. Mother and son doing well. Such a relief as we are off to the Royal this afternoon.

5th July 2009

Today was NPS Devon so off we trundled with H.Cascade and foal and H.Arizona the two year old. A sunny day to start with - a complete contrast to last year. Arizona won the 2/3 year old fell/dale/highland class and performed beautifully and didn't fidget whilst in line. Cascade went really well and ended up 3rd behind the fell stallion Townend Midnight, who went on to take the championship and a nice dales. We left orphan Junior in a stable by himself, and he was as good as gold.

30 June 2009

Karen took H.Kansas of to Cadnam Show at the weekend and had a really good day, she won the M&M in-hand and the M&M Ridden and took the championship there.

28 June 2009

Have now had all the mares manually tested and they are all safely in foal - 2 visitors went home today and I took 2 of mine away to some off grazing. Another visitor went home last week after being safely scanned in foal. H.California arrived as a visiting mare and she knew exactly where she was when she arrived and settled straight in as though she had never been away.

20th June 2009

Three Counties Show at Malvern and H.Chicago went up with Joyce & Jacky Newbery for the riddens - unfortunately I could not get another day off work. She won the Open Fell/Dale/Highland ridden

14th June 2009

Karen went to NPS Area 24(Wessex) with H.Kansas and had a good day - she was 3rd in-hand and won the Picton Novice Ridden so another qualified for NPS Malvern Championships in August

5th June 2009

Royal Cornwall - we set off early to miss the traffic with H.Cascade and foal and Cascade's two year old filly H.Arizona. First in were 4 yrs and over and Cascade was pulled in 2nd and stayed there behind Nina Hoad's mare who also won and went champion at Bath & West last week. I then passed Arizona to Jenny to show as was more than happy with Cascade's result and told Jenny just to have some fun - she was pulled in 3rd in a good class - Arizona was a bit on the strong side on the initial trot round but looked good. She did a really good individual show and much to all our amazements was pulled in 1st after the final walk round. This of course meant we had two through to the championship, plus the foal. Luckily Sarah Inskip who has a welsh stud was watching at the ringside and kindly showed the foal for me. The judge then pulled H.Arizona in Champion - Jenny's face was beaming. The only other time a two year old has won the championship at Royal Cornwall was mine a few years ago with H.Chicago - and if Arizona could follow in her footsteps I would not be upset !! H.Chicago went in the HOYS ridden which was huge and ended up a creditable 7th.

31 May 2009

Karen took H.Kansas off to BSPS 11 at Wimborne today where she won the Junior Ridden and picked up the Junior ticket for NPS.

29th May 2009

Early start off to Bath & West today - and it was very foggy driving up. The weather cleared and was glorious sunshine but very hot - we got sunburnt ! H.Cascade was 2nd and her foal now loads itself first into the lorry ! H.Kansas was 2nd. Also there was H.California who I sold a couple of years ago and she was 4th in the youngstock class.

25th May 2009

Bank Holiday Monday so off to NPA Devon show. We took H.Cascade, her foal H.Austin and her two year old H. Arizona. Had a rather good day with all three of them winning their respective classes. Then came the championships. H.Austin took the foal Championship, H.Cascade took the Owner Bred Championship with her daughter H.Arizona taking the Reserve Championship spot and the H.Cascade went Reserve M&M Champion. A super end to a great showing weekend. Also couple of updated pics of Evita's and Cobweb's foals.

24th May 2009

Well H.Chicago has done it again - Joyce & Jackie took her off to BSPS 13b for the ridden RIHS qualifiers - and she won and qualified !

22nd May

Devon County today - and what a lovely day it was, sunshine - a first for county shows for some time. H.Cascade was 2nd to Bewcastle Blossom in a large M&M Class and then went Champion Highland - a super day.

17th May

HPEC Rare Breeds Show at Malvern - well wet / rain wasn't the word for it - it absolutely poured down hard, and a huge hailstorm as well. We all got soaked right through to the skin. H.Cascade and her foal H.Austin won their classes, and H.Chicago was 3rd in-hand and 2nd in the progeny pairs with her full brother H.Colorado. H.Arizona also won a 2nd.

12th May 2009

Another foal ... and another filly ! From Evita of Whitefield - will be cream dun, nice sized foal up and feeding by the time I got to the yard just after 6 this morning.

Second picture taken this evening.

10th May 2009

Well H.Chicago went to the SWAWPCS show today to see if we could get the Picton ticket - and we did - then went Picton Champion. Decided to do the Templeton Open Ridden, together with several large Welsh Cobs and much to our amazement she was pulled in first and stayed there. Then went Open Ridden Champion !! but the day was not over - went into the Supreme Ridden Champion and took that as well - couldn't believe it !

6th May 2009

Another foal, from Holmedown Cobweb - nice strong foal and mare cleansed easily. We are pretty sure it is a filly (at last!)

3rd May 2009

Ivybridge Show today, and H.Chicago went for her 2nd ridden debut, and she was 2nd in the RIHS qualifier to a very nice welsh cob.

29th April 2009

Joliet's foal, who we have nicknamed Junior had his first attempt at a hard feed tonight - foal creep with added grass - which he loved. He has been out in the field for the last couple of days with his half sisters Arizona and Charlotte.

29th April 2009

Another foal this morning just after 6.30 am - a colt from Maronwells Ruadh. Foaled, cleansed and feeding within 30 minutes, perfect !

25th April 2009

H.Joliet's colt is now fine - he has an auntie - H.Arizona the two year old who he dotes on - shares a stable and follows her in the field when he is out. He is feeding well - loves his milk bottles !

22 April 2009

Have delayed in posting as H.Joliet had a colt foal on Monday 20th but rejected it, we tried to persevere but she was starting to get vicious with it so we are now aiming to bottle rear it - great up every 4 hours !! but this last 12 hours we have turned the corner and it is starting to really get bigger and stronger and much happier - meeting us with pricked ears and bright eyes - and even managed a little wicker this afternoon! First photo taken at about 12 hours old very dejected - 2nd taken today showing the improvement.

19th April 2009

We had an amazing day at NPS Area 10 today - only took H.Chicago who was 2nd in a large Mixed M&M in-hand class. She then made her debut into ridden classes only just having mastered the art of a balanced canter over the last two weeks - there were no novice classes so we put her in the unaffilliated all breeds which was quite large and she was a creditable 5th and we then decided to go for the NPS Peasedown Intermediate Ridden Qualifier for fun - and she won her section and qualified, but even better to come, she then went Champion Intermediate Ridden - then came the Supreme - and she took the Overall Supreme Ridden and the Ridden Silver Medal, so has now qualified for the Peasedown Intermediate Championship, the Ridden Silver Medal Supreme Ridden Championship and the Hawkins/Smith British Isles Area Supreme Championship ! It was a long day though as we pulled out of our yard at about 7.30am and loaded up to go home from the show just after 8pm.

15th April 2009

H.Cascade's foal has now been named - H.Austin - he is now very friendly and growing fast.

12th April 2009

The first foal of the year !! Holmedown Cascade has had a rather large colt foal. Terrific bone on him and he is so far very friendly. Photo taken at about 4 hours old and then at 6 hours when he had dried out a bit more. Moved him and mother into the top field where his full sister H.Arizona was very pleased to meet him - he even tried to drink off her - mother wasn't too impressed with that!

ALL photos of Cascade and foal here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/holmedown

9th April 2009

Top field seems a bit empty - two of the yearlings have gone off to new homes this week - H.Missouri went off to Bedfordshire and then H.Rochester went to his new home.

8th April 2009

Two of the mares - H.Cascade and H.Joliet look fit to burst and should foal within the next two weeks. Four of the other mares are heavy in foal and due end April/early May

4th April 2009

Brought two of the ponies home from their winter grazing - H.Cobweb looks really well and definitey in foal.

25th February 2009

Fed up with the rain, rain and more rain - will it never stop !