12th August 2010

Nice and local today (well 25 miles and 5.30am start) for Okehampton Show. H.Cascade won the mixed M&M and took the M&M Championship. H.Arizona was 2nd in the youngstock to a very nice 3yr old fell which went on to be Reserve Champion. H.Ashmont, Cascade's foal got the best foal rosette.

7th August 2010

Our annual trek to the NPS Championship Show at Malvern went really well this year ! ended up with six ponies there - H.Chicago, who was 2nd Highland in-hand out of 15, 4th in the Dulgavel Ridden Final, 4th in the Open Ridden Mares, and 3rd in the Ringside Open Ridden Final. H.Cascade was 2nd in the broodmare class, H.Ashmont 3rd in the foal class, H.Arizona 2nd in the 2/3 yr old class and H.Clearwater 3rd in the Yearling class. H.Kansas was 2nd in the Peasedown Intermediate Ridden Qualifier, 3rd in the Ridden pairs, 4th in highland in-hand and numerous other placings throughout the week.

25th July 2010

Emma and Graham who have the very successful 2 yr old colt H.Lincoln came over to look at this year's foals, and have bought H.Red Sox

21 July 2010

Fantastic day !! Holmedown Chicago qualified for HOYS at the Royal Welsh today brilliantly ridden by Molly Simpson.

11th July 2010

Off to the Royal Festival of the Horse at Stoneleigh. Had an interesting drive up when we had a blowout in the lorry whilst in the middle lane of the M5 - not recommended! On our way again after a couple of hours and arrived in time to get the ponies settled for the night. Much to my joy H.Cascade won the 4 yrs & over open class beating some very good top winning ponies and H.Ashmont got the best foal. H.Arizona was 3rd in the youngstock class. H.Cascade then went Champion highland. We have also sold H.Ashmont locally.

3rd July 2010

We went down to Wadebridge Cornwall today for the NPA Cornwall Show. We took H.Cascade, her foal H.Ashmont, 3 yr old H.Arizona and the yearling H.Clearwater.

We had a great day - H.Cascade won her class , H.Ashmont best foal, H.Clearwater won the youngstock (amazed!) with H.Arizona 2nd. Then came the championship and much to my surprised - and joy, the yearling H.Clearwater (H.Cobweb x Glenmuir Buzzard) took the championship with H.Cascade in the Reserve spot.

18th June 2010

H.Chicago went off to Three Counties Show today, and was 5th in a huge HOYS qualifier.

15th June 2010

A very sad day - H.Erin Springs just dropped dead in the field this evening - at least it was sudden - her legs just crumpled and down she went.

13th June 2010

As it was not quite so sunny managed to get some pictures of all the foals today without camera glare some of these are for sale - please ask !

Filly: from Holmedown Cobweb Colt: H.Ashmont from Holmedown Cascade Colt: H.Red Sox from Maronwells Ruadh

Filly: H.Tacoma from Holmedown Joliet Colt: H.Massachusetts from Holmedown Maydew

Colt: H.Logan from Blar Bheag Crunluath Filly: H.Erin Springs from Evita of Whitefield

11th June 2010

Off to Royal Cornwall today - and another HOT day ! We ended up just taking H.Chicago for a change instead of H.Cascade. We left just after 5am and had a really good run taking just one and a half hours from door to door. It was a good class and H.Chicago won and then took the championship (which she also took there as a 2 yr old). Next onto the Cuddy and to our delight she was the 5th to be pulled in for a second look.

6th June 2010

The last foal due at Holmedown arrived today - a colt from Blar Bheag Cranlath

4th June 2010

Royal Bath & West show today. Really good results with H.Kansas winning the 4yrs and over class and going Champion and H. New Jersey coming 4th at his very first show for Karen Knock. Also H.Niagra Falls (Kansas' daughter) winning the youngstock class. Holmedown Chicago also was 5th in the Olympia Qualifier so a good day!

31st May 2010

Off to another show on Bank Holiday Monday - NPA Devon. We took H.Cascade and her foal - KD was 2nd and her foal won the best foal. H.Arizona won the 2/3 yr old class and on her very first outing H.Clearwater won the yearling class.

21 May 2010

First county show for us - Devon County - and it was hot ! H.Cascade was 6th in a big mixed in-hand class, but the crowning glory of the day must go to H.Chicago who won a huge mixed M&M ridden class.

13th May 2010

Another filly this time from Evita of Whitefield, lovely smart foal - may be tempted to keep this one!

4th May 2010

Another foal, and another colt ! this time from Maronwells Ruadh by Glenmuir Buzzard - looks like it is going to be a bay.

29th April 2010

At last H.Cascade has foaled - a grey colt, which we are going to call H.Ashmont. He is a tall friendly lad and will be shown later this year.

19th April 2010

Another filly foal born today from H.Cobweb up and running about picture below, together with one of some of the other broodmares and the two foals. It has been sunny last couple of days so have turned them out to give them a leg stretch.

18th April 2010

First show of the year today - NPS Devon. Had a really good show - I took H.Arizona (3 yr old filly from H.Cascade x Glenmuir Buzzard) for an outing. Although not really in show condition due to living out all winter, she behaved impecabbly and was 2nd in both the Silver Medal affilliated and the unaffilliated class. Also there was H.Niagara Falls (from H.Kansas) who I have not seen since a foal. She looks superb and won the affilliated and then went champion and took the Silver Medal and British Isles qualifiers for her owner.

H.Chicago had another ridden outing and won the Intermediate and the new 4/5/6 year old ridden, so she has now qualified for all the NPS ridden finals.


3rd April 2010

First foals of the year born today (yes two !!). Holmedown Maydew foaled this morning - a yellow dun colt by Buzzard - he was present at the birth - well in the stable next door ! Big foal - to be called H.Massachusetts. After having swapped them to another stable, taken out all the wet bedding (barn still flooded) and new bed put back, they are fine. Then we went over to off grazing to take the yearling geldings over where it is dryer, and bring back three broodmares ... or so we thought. We actually brought back two very heavy broodmares ... and a mare and foal - H.Joliet foaled in the morning - a very pretty filly, to be called H.Tacoma again by Buzzard. Great relief there as it was Joliet that rejected her foal last year. She wasnt due for another 10 days hence why I wanted her home just in case, but she came straight up with it, and walked straight into the lorry with foal behind no problems. At home she settled well into a nice stable for a couple of days.



29th March 2010

Have now brought all of the ponies in - everywhere (including the barn) is flooded, but with no grass outside at all at least they have haylage to eat. Some ponies have doubled up in stables and I have also emptied one of the store barns and now have three mares in there as well, which seem to get on fine with a big bale between them. Buzzard has taken to being in very well, considering he has never been in before !

Jan - March 2010

Nothing but torrential rain here - will it ever stop !