October 2011

23/10/11 – busy day today – took three ponies off to their winter quarters – Glenedin Dawn, H.Joliet and H.Washington has also gone down there till end of December. Weaned H.Ohio a filly from I am keeping from Birchcroft Olive. She was as good as gold bless her, headcollar on and didn’t bat an eyelid! I also brought H.Chicago back home for the winter so she is keeping her company at the moment.

22/10/11 – another foal went off today – H.Denver who has gone off to join two of his half brothers with Emma Devey and Graham Bunney in Cornwall. He was an angel and slowly just plodded up the ramp of the trailer.

15/10/11 – one of the colt foals H.Talladega went off to his new home today – loaded really well bless him. He is off to Newton Abbot to join his older half-brother H.Massachusettes.

05/10/11 – She did it !! HOLMEDOWN CHICAGO 2nd at HOYS. She went superbly and was 2nd to Tower Clyde, with Stirlingdene in 3rd place.

One of only 2 mares qualified, and she went like a dream for Molly Simpson, her permanent rider. A very emotional moment for all involved !


September 2011

23/09/11 – Well three foals have now been weaned – all angels ! H.Emerald Isle – who has been sold to Carrickfergus Stud in Ireland and will be off in October, H.Talledaga who is off to his new home in Newton Abbot to join yearling H.Massachusetts and H.Roseville from Marnonwells Ruadh, who is being retained.

10/09/11 – Christine Radice phoned me to say that H.Charlotte 2yr old sister of Chicago and Clearwater won the M&M class at Frome and went champion taking the NPS Silver Medal qualifier

03/09/11 – We are off to HOYS ! Moreton in the Marsh Show, and the last HOYS qualifier of the year … and H.Chicago won ! having been knocking on the door all year with 2x3rd 1x4th 1x5th, we are so pleased for Molly Simpson her full time rider who phoned me in rather an emotional state !

August 2011

11/08/11 Okehampton Show – a very wet show ! We took H.Chicago and her brother H.Washington who has now been sold to Switzerland but is staying with me for a few months. H.Chicago won the in-hand and went in-hand M&M Champion and Washington was 5th. Although both were entered for the ridden classes, we decided to only put Chicago forward due to the weather. Well she won a very strong large breeds class and then went on to take the championship, picking up the NPS Open Ridden qualifier and the NPS Silver Medal.

4-5/08/11 NPS Championships at Malvern – H.Chicago was 3rd in the NFU Open Highland Ridden and 4th in the HOYS Qualifier, and a 2nd & 4th in the in-hand classes. Emma & Graham’s H. Lincoln was 3rd in the British Isles final (highest youngster) 3rd in the home produced final (highest youngster) and 4th in the silver medal final and also had 1st, 2nd and 5th in open classes. His yearling brother H.Logan was 3rd in-hand and half-sister H.Clearwater picked up a 2nd in-hand and a 4th in the open all ages mixed M&M class, but topped it all by ending up 3rd in the NPS Silver Medal Final. H.Kansas was well placed in all her ridden finals & 6th in the NFU. Another thrilled owner was Christine Radice with H.Charlotte who is full sister to Clearwater and half sister to Chicago won the 2/3 yr old class

July 2011

10/06/11 – we went off to Lydford show today as I wanted to get the yearling colt H.Logan out before he gets too big ! He was an absolute angel, loaded and travelled fine. He had a great day and his behavious was impeccable. 3rd Open youngstock all breeds / types, 2nd Open M&M all ages excl Welsh and 1st Owner Bred. He then went on to take 1st Reserve Overall In-hand Champion.

June 2011

26/06/11 NPS Area 10 (Devon). Just took a couple of youngsters – H.Champaign yearling was 2nd in the mixed M&M yearling class, H.Clearwater 2 yr filly won the 2 & 3 yr old mixed M&M class, and H.Cascade was 3rd in the 4 & over class. H.Clearwater went M&M Champion. We stayed for the rest of the day and she then went Res Overall M&M and picked up the NPS Silver Medal Championship … so not a bad day.

10/06/11 – Royal Cornwall Show – an amazing day. We loaded H.Cascade and foal and the 2 year old H.Clearwater at 4.30 am and set off – only to have a front tyre blow out on the main A30, which in turn took the radiator fan, cowling and radiator out so had to get recovery out to lift tow the lorry to a garage and a horse haulier to transport the horses. The police were great, shutting all lanes on the dual carriageway in order that we could unload the ponies and load them into the other lorry. We ended up getting back to the yard at 9am. Luckily H.Chicago went down with Molly Simpson we Jenny and I jumped in the car and drove down to watch. A super day in the end with H.Chicago winning the 4 & over class and H.Lincoln (3 yr colt) owned by Emma Devey & Graham Bunny winning the youngstock class. H.Chicago ended up Champion which was great – she was Champion there last year and also as a 2 year old. Ridden were held much later in the day and to make our day even better she won the Fell/Dales/Highland Open Ridden Section and then went overall Ridden Champion.

3/06/11 – Bath & West Show – H.Chicago won the in-hand 4 & over class and H.Kansas was 3rd. They youngstock class was won by H.Charlotte (H.Cobweb x Glenmuir Buzzard) 3 year old owned by Christince Raddice. Much to our joy H.Charlotte went champion and H.Chicago was Reserve Champion. This year the ridden classes were Olympia direct qualifiers and we were delighted when H.Chicago was 2nd and ended up 1st Reserve Champion Ridden M&M.

May 2011

22/05/11 – H.Washington went to a show in Dorset today and won the Open M&M Large Breeds and was 2nd in-hand with Niki. Well done.

20/05/11 – Devon County, and H.Chicago had a great show ridden and handled by Molly Simpson. She won the mixed M&M Large Breeds and was 2nd in the BSPS Ridden Olympia semi qualifier so has now qualified.

When we got back in the afternoon, we found that Birchcroft Olive had foaled. A first-time, foaler so a sweet TINY little filly. So that is us finished foaling for the year with 4 colts and 3 fillies, all super foals, some of which are for sale.

19/05/11 – H.Cascade has foaled – a good sized colt – who is friendly ! mother and son doing well

15/05/11 – We went to SWPA Show at Taunton today – just took H.Clearwater the two year old filly for an outing. She did rather well winning the M&M younstock class and also the owner-bred.

Karen and Niki also took H.Kansas who had a fantastic day, winning the M&M Large breed 4+ over class, and taking the NPS Silver Medal Championship. She then went on to win both the NPS Intermediate and Open Ridden classes so qualified for the NPS Summer Champs.

13/05/11 - Another foal today, this time from Glenedin Dawn – a really top class strong colt

10/05/11 – Evita of Whitefield’s filly is now sold – she will be off to the Carrickfergus Stud in Ireland when she is weaned in October.

08/05/11 – well, after a surprise call H.Austin (2 yr gelding H.Cascade x Buzzard) has come back for us to show for the summer for Madeline Leech.

He arrived about 10am, and we decided to take him to the SWaWPCS show in the afternoon. Considering he has done nothing since we showed him very successfully as a foal, he was amazing – Jenny showed him and he didn’t bat an eyelid at anything on the showground and remembered how to trot up. H.Chicago also went for the riddens and won the NPS Grand Prix class and was 2nd in the M&M in-hand.

April 2011

29/04/11 – as it wasn’t quite so sunny this morning managed to get some more pics of this year’s foals.

L-R Holmedown Cobweb’s colt Holmedown Joliet’s colt Maronwells Ruadh’s filly Evita of Whitefield’s filly


28/04/11 – yet another foal – and another filly ! This time from Maronwells Ruadh

27/04/11 – another foal – this time a filly from Evita of Whitefield Jenny was about to get some videos of it’s first steps – hope the youtube links work!

http://www.youtube.com/user/bubblegumsqueak1#p/a/u/1/Ga1O7TyhqXI and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwMxxX05hcA

24/04/11 – colt foal today from Holmedown Joliet – she decided to give birth to it in the woods ! but now back in the field quite happy. Full brother to Holmedown Lincoln.

23/04/11 – NPS Area 10 (Devon) show. Good turnout for the Easter weekend but a very long day. H.Lincoln won the Home Produced class for Emma Devey and went reserve champion. He then went on to take the Supreme in-hand British Isles qualifier – well done with a three year old!. H.Chicago won her section of the M&M Ridden Grand Prix, and then took the Champion of Champions Ridden Qualifier, and to top it all she went Reserve Supreme Ridden qualifying for the NPS British Isles Qualifier – expertly ridden again by Molly Simpson. H.Niagara Falls was 2nd in a strong large breeds in-hand class for Carrie Quick.

19/04/11 – Our first foal of the year ! H.Cobweb foaled this afternoon – a nice dark colt foal – can’t see any white hairs around his eyes so may well stay mouse dun. He will be for sale.

16/04/11 – NPS Spring Festival Malvern – The Holmedown flag was flown by H.Lincoln, a 3 year old colt by Glenmuir Buzzard owned by Emma Devey & Graham Bunney – and fly the flag they certainly did. He has been very successfully shown locally as a yearling and two year old but this was his first “big” show away from home. He started the day by winning the youngstock large breeds, then won the Home Produced large breeds and went Champion, then topped it all by winning the Leyhills In-hand Championship class and taking the Reseve Champion Leyhills. Huge congratulations to Emma for showing him so well.

09/04/11 – BSPS 13a Zelah, Cornwall H.Chicago went for the RIHS M&M qualifiers, and not only did she qualify but also went RIHS Heritage M&M Champion, brilliantly ridden by Molly.

Well the shows have started, and must say not a bad start !

02/04/11 - SWaWPCS at Yeovil H.Chicago went for her first show – and swept the board under Judge Jenny Lorriston-Clarke. She won the NPS Open Ridden Qualifier, went Champion Open Ridden, followed by taking the NPS Silver Medal Championship and topped it all by taking the Supreme Ridden of the show!

March 2011

Not too much happening, rain, no grass, haylage costing £60 a bale … not good times ! Jenny came back from Boston .. just in time for her birthday and to look after the ponies and then two days later Mark and I went on holiday for a week to Ras al Khaimah in UAE for some much missed sun which was great and had a lovely break.

H.Chicago is going to be ridden by Molly Simpson this year and has gone off for some schooling with her.

February 2011

More hacking out, mainly in the rain ! Also took H.Washington to his first show (well since a foal anyway!). He was an absolute star both ridden and in hand and qualified for SWPA, Equifest and Royal London both in-hand and ridden bless him. One of the yearlings, H.Massachusetts has now been gelded and is for sale, am running on H.Logan.

January 2011

Have taken H.Chicago out for some lovely hacks round the roads and through the bridle paths, she is as good as gold. She has occasionally been accompanied by H.Washington her full brother… and of course Pheebs the spaniel is always trotting along behind them. Some of the broodmares and youngsters went off to some off grazing in Newton Abbot.