December 2013 

The very last show for 2014.  Just took the foal H.Nebraska for her first outing by herself, and yearling H.Carolina for an outing.  They both excelled themselves and in 4 classes took 3 x 1sts and 1 x 2nd and both qualified for SWPA and Equifest.


October 2013

All foals are now weaned and have taken to it very well.  Couple are off to their new homes - Holmedown Charleston (Cobweb's) is off to Cornwall, Holmedown Orange County (Olive's) is off to Tavistock and Holmedown Albuquerque (Cascade's) is off to join his brother with Madeleine Leech. Holmedown Honolulu is going to Carrie Quick who has her auntie, tHolmedown Niagara Falls who she has had so much success with both in-hand and ridden.


September 2013

One of the last shows of the year - the SWPA Championships for 3 days in Wales.  Just took Holmedown Kansas and her foal H.Nebraska.  They both did really well gaining severals 1st and 2nds through the three days.  Must say Nebraska was an absolute star being stabled for 3 days as she has never been in before.


August 2013

25/08 Decided to take Holmedown Logan out for a change - he hasnt been anywhere since last October.  He did very well coming 1st  Large Breeds M&M  and 1st Open Coloured/Dun much to my surprise as were some very nice plaited horses in the class. He also picked up a 2nd in the Open Youngstock class.

08/08 Due to the cost of diesel, stabling etc I decided against going up to the NPS Championships at Malvern - first time in 20 ?? years, but Holmedown was still well represented by owners of my ponies.  Holmedown Red Sox won the youngstock class, and was 3rd in both the NPS Silver Medal Final and the Home Produced final for Emma Devey. This pony has had a tremendous year gaining three Silver Medals this year as a 3 year old - his brother is for sale.  Another mare, Holmedown Niagara Falls (from Holmedown Kansas) won the Intermediate Ridden Final and went Reserve Champion for Carrie Quick.

Instead I decided to go to Okehampton Agricultural Show and took Holmedown Roseville - 2 year old filly who picked up a 3rd place in the youngstock class, and Holmedown Kansas who won the 4 & over class and went Champion M&M with her foal Holmedown Nabraska getting a best foal rosette.

July 2013

21/07 Went up to Stretcholt for a show today, taking H.Kansas and foal and also H.Roseville a two year old filly who hasn't been anywhere since last year She is full sister to H.Red Sox. Much to my surprise and delight she won the youngstock M&M class.  H.Kansas was 4th in the open.  Another Holmedown pony - Holmedown Charlotte (Chicago's 1/2 sister) a 5 year old owned by Christine Radice had her debut into ridden class and qualified for the NPS Picton Ridden.

02/07 Ponies are all looking well and foals are growing.  They have all been microchipped now. Decided to have H.Logan gelded his foals this year were super and all my mares are tested in foal to him for next year.  He will be a duper riddengelding in a few years time. Had hay cut and now have 7 tonnes of big square bales in2 the barn, together with just over 100 small bales of haylage.  Just got to get the large haylage bales now.

June 2013

02/06 - Had an amazing day at Native-Pony south west show.  Early start to venture down to the bottom of Cornwall, but well worth it.  The yearling H.Carolina won the M&M yearling class and then took the youngstock championship (and didnt mind the sash !).  Next was H.Kansas who won the broodmare class and her filly foal taking the foal class.  We then did the NPS Home Produced Large Breed qualifier (which was a rather large class) and H.Kansas won that too. Next came the M&M Championship where H.Kansas took the reserve spot (and another sash) to Lucy Booth's prolific New Forest stallion Hurstock Moonman.  The NPS Silver Medal qualifier came next where Kansas stood 1st Reserve. We left before the ridden classes, but Carrie Quick's Holmedown Niagara Falls - which is Kansas' 5 year old daughter, went Res NPS Open Ridden Champion.

May 2013

29/05 - Sad day today, I had one of my very old mares Holmedown Maydew (Maymorn of Tower x MacGregor of Achnacarry) PTS. She had not had a good winter, and with not a lot of grass around and having no teeth she was starting to suffer. 

23/05 - Marnonwells Ruadh foaled early this evening - a colt by H.Logan - not sure what colour he is going to be but is a big lad.Also H.Joliet and her foal have been sold and will be off to Helen Warne in a few weeks time.

17/05 - An early start for Devon County Show.  For some reason I decided to enter two brood mares in the hope of taking one of them (entries close before mares have foaled so hedged my bets on which would foal in time and which would be a better "pair").  Well I took both of them - lots of preparation the night before - and a quick bath again on the morning.  The class was F/D/H with 17 entries forward - and H.Kansas took 6th with H.Kona 10th. Very pleasing and both foals behaved so well in the big ring with all the noise and people. Emma & Graham's  H.Red Sox took the 1st prize in the youngstock class with Fliss Back and H.Ashmont taking 3rd place (both these are 3 yr old colts) in a large youngstock class.  Carrie Quick's H.Niagara Falls was also 3rd in the Open Ridden.

12/05  - Took H.Kansas and foal off to Cholwell Showing Show today for an outing before Devon County, and we also took the two year old H.Ohio for an outing.  Turned out to be a very good show, with Ohio taking a 2nd in the open M&M youngstock and H.Kansas winning a large mixed 4 & over class.  We waited till later in the day for the championship and were delighted when H.Kansas took the overall in-hand championship with a nice coloured cob in reserve.

05/05 - Went off to SWPA show at Taunton today - took the yearling H.Carolina and also H.Kona and her foal for a trial run before Devon County. Foal was great, got a halter on her and she walked straight up the lorry ramp after mum and travelled fine.  They were both stars in the ring not worrying about anything and little foal trotted round beautifully, gaining many comments from the ringside on her wonderful straight movement.  We ended up 4th in a big strong M&M large breed class behind some nice welsh cob stallions and a connie stallion.  H.Carolina also did well - her 2nd show and first one outside on grass being 2nd.

01/05 - Another foal sold - H.Kona's filly will be off at weaning to a super showing home.  We also halter broke her in the evening and took her for a walk up the road as a quick practice as Kona is off to a show this weekend.


April 2013

28/04 - Birchcroft Olive foaled early this morning - a colt - all fine.  Both she and her colt are for sale - see foal page / for sale page and photos for more pics and details.  Also took H.Carolina to her first show where she learnt to trot !  She was very good and won a good mixed M&M youngstock class and thereby qualified for both Equifest and SWPA.  Really sad news when I got back to the farm when I had a phone call saying that Shilstone Rocks Dunkirk had sadly had to be PTS due to bad colic / urine infection.  Absolutely devasted.  I had him from a 4 year old and hunted and showed him and then Jenny showed him doing LR/FR/Opens and he was a very strong winner all over the country both under saddle and in-hand.

26/04 - H.Cobweb has foaled - and let me get near it and prod and poke it - unheard of for her - usually runs a mile.  It is a super colt foal and will be for sale. First time we have been able to tell the sex of her foal before it is two weeks old due to her usually running away with it!

12/04 - We have had three foals.  Both H.Cascade and H.Kansas foaled on 9th April, shortly followed by H.Kona on the 12th.  Pictures and details can be found under 2013 foals on the Ponies tab.  H.Joliet has also had a nice part-bred filly.

Has been a busy month - still flooded out - it just dries up slightly (not enough to get the 4wd tractor to the fields but not loosing your boot weather !) then the rain comes again

March 2013

30/03 - well three mares well bagged up now - H.Cascade(due 18/03), H.Kansas( 27/03) and her sister H.Kona(7/04) - bet they are all going to have them on the same day.

23/03 - Still flooded out - and yet again another horrible morning - fog / rain / cold - but took my new aquisition Holmedown Kona to a local show to see how she behaved.  She loaded and travelled fine and stood fairly patiently in the lorry.  Very pleased with her and we ended up with 2 x 2nds and qualified for SWPA & Equifest.  She was a good girl and knew how to trot and stand - always a bonus !

05/03 - Have bought Holmedown Kona (Drumpark Kara x Burnside Ben Nevis) back - she is 7 this year and in foal to Erray Rush. She is a lovely dark grey still (was moreorless black when I sold her as a foal). Gavin Jamieson brought her down from Scotland for me - can thoroughly recommend him.

02/03  - Took Glenedin Dawn off to Fliss Back's as she has her or loan for a couple of years.  She loaded no problem at all and was as good as gold as I led her across the field with the shetlands in to her new field and fieldmate/husband ... Holmedown Ashmont aka Alife, who greeted her ... she wasn't over impressed with him - possibly as he is pink from rolling in the red earth, but they just wandered off together quite happily.  Heard from Fliss tonight that he is still just following her around like a puppy dog!


February 2013 

25/02 - well haulier arrived at 7.15 this morning and I went and caught Bella and she loaded straight up into the lorry and off she went.  She arrived safely and Kate is really pleased with her/

21/02 - Holmedown Clearwater (Bella) the 4 year old who has won so much including several supremes is off on loan to Talisker Stud in Cambridge for a couple of years to grow up a bit more and be a broodmare.  Kate has always wanted a "H.Cobweb baby" so she is over the moon with joy and excitement.  She goes off on Monday and I wish Kate every joy with her.

10/02 - Today the colt foal Holmedown Detroit (Glenedin Dawn x Glenmuir Buzzard) went off to his new home in Dorset.  He loaded very well into the trailer and have heard he travelled OK and has arrived safely and is now happily munching hay in his new stable.

Still can't believe that it is still raining here - all bar one of the fields the ponies are now literally knee /hock deep in mud , especially near the big bale feeders. We have never had it this bad before, and most have lost the majority of their feathers unfortunately.

02/02 - Have had a nice email from Sophie Broome  in Lancs who has Homedown Arizona on loan.  She is looking well, all clipped out and doing pony club, and hacking and thoroughly enjoying it. She did a farm ride the other day and had to jump cross-country steps, which she took all in her stride no problems - not bad for a pony that was only backed December 2012. Have added a more recent picture of her all clipped out in her album under the "photos" tab.


January 2013

18/01 - Well 99% of the country has had snow - at home we have had just more rain - but up the farm we have had about three inches of snow across the fields and a drift of about eighteen inches in front of the american barn - and snow inside the barn that has blown in under the eaves. It doesn't appear to be freezing as the troughs are fine.

12/01 - KD (H.Cascade) arrived home today after having been with Maddy for the summer as a happy hacker, with the occasional horse agiltiy and dressage competitions thrown in.  She was just starting to not want to hack out as is due to foal in March to Glenmuir Buzzard.  She has settled in no problem at all with the other ponies here.

06/01 - Hilda went out for a long ride with Jenny - thought they were only going for about 30 minutes and after an hour was starting to get a bit worried as the fog was coming down (although they were decked out in hi-viz).  They arrived home after 90 mins having ventured down lanes I hadn't ridden down to the main road and the come back - both having enjoyed themselves.

December 2012

30/12 - Hilda (H.Chicago) is now home and I have taken her out for a hack and she was as good as gold.  Some of the youngsters have gone to off grazing as we are flooded out here.