HOLMEDOWN CAROLINA f.2012 (Glenmuir Buzzard x H.Cobweb)


Known as Lilly.  She is super friendly and takes everything in her stride - weaning was a non-event don't even think she noticed Cobweb had gone. She happily loads first into the lorry without even blinking an eyelid and didn't even notice when I put a rug on her.

She is a bit of a loaner and is quite happy in a stable if everything else has gone out in the field. She is often seen grazing by herself the other side of the field to her companions.

Lilly will be shown a couple of times in 2013.

Picture taken at her first show where she won and qualified for Equifest and SWPA

HOLMEDOWN ROSEVILLE f.2011 (Glenmuir Buzzard x Marnonwells Ruadh)


Rosie - as she is affectionally known is the first filly from Ruadh.  She is a big filly and will be over 14hh.

She has been lightly shown, attaining a first on her debut at NPS 10 - which is where she first learnt to trot in-hand.  Since then she has done very well gaining many other firsts and qualifying for SWPA Championships where she won her championship class.

She is very loveble and will come over and stand with you whilst you are in the field and follow you round like a dog.  She loads and travels well either alone or with others and doesn't worry if she is left on the lorry alone or left in a strange stable at a show.  Her only fault is she is not the cleanest pony in the stable and has therefore learnt to wear rugs at shows!

She may be out to a couple of shows in 2013.

HOLMEDOWN OHIO f.2011 (Glenmuir Buzzard x Birchcroft Olive)


She is known at home as Holly.

She is currently mouse dun but will eventually go lighter as has a few white hairs round her eyes. When she was weaned in 2011 she was the easiest to do anything with - rug, muck out round etc - but refused to be left alone in the barn and would jump anything to get back to her friends.

Luckily this has now changed and is quite happy and loves being with the 2012 foals.

HOLMEDOWN CLEARWATER f.2009 (Glenmuir Buzzard x Holmedown Cobweb)9


Bella - as she is known is on the smaller side, but she is growing ... just slowly ! 

She has done very well and held her own in both highland and mixed M&M classes winning many championships and a few supremes along the way.  She is also an NPS Silver Medal winner and was 3rd in the final at Malven as a 2 year old.


She is just going to have a year off as 4 year old and hopefully be backed and come out under saddle in 2014 when she is a bit bigger.  NOW ON LOAN TO TALISKER STUD, Cambridge